The challenge is to walk Paddy Dillon's 387 mile Irish Coast to Coast path from Dublin in the east to Bray Head in the southwest on the Atlantic coast and be totally self-contained and unsupported with no re-supply. Wild camping, obtaining water from natural sources and carrying all food and equipment, for the proposed 30 day trip. In this manner the walk becomes free or "unplugged" and is part of my larger Four Nation's coast to coast endeavour, of which details can be found at

The Route

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A 387 mile walk from Dublin in the East to Bray Head on the Southwest Atlantic coast linking the Wicklow Way, South Leinster Way, Munster Way, Avondhy Way and the Kerry Way.

Latest News

An attempt was made during October 2009 but was not successful. Information of future attempts can be found here.

The Land Sled

First testing of my single wheeled land sled designed to haul 25kg of food and water for the trip.
Some minor modifications to be made but definitely a workable solution.

Close up photos can be found here.

Mobile Blogging

During my Irish trip, I shall be posting regular blogs from my phone and technology allowing, these will appear on my Trans Nation Coast to Coast main page

Progress Update

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Apologies for the lack of reports on progress but moving house has limited web access. The rations have been put together as can be seen above with supplies packaged as 26 day ration packs. Separating the packs, breakfast and lunch can be seen in the foreground along with dinner and desert packaged together. Vacuum packing the rations has proved to be a big space saver, along with the security of fresher longer lasting meals. Details of this process will be posted on my return.
Depature will be around the 1st of October, look out for further details.


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